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An Eco-Friendlier Choice for Dry Erase Markers

Inspired by teachers and professionals who are whiteboard marker power users, ReThinc Refillable Dry Erase Markers are an eco-friendlier alternative. The sealed easy-refill ink tanks save money and cut landfill waste, since each cartridge lasts longer than traditional markers.

ReThinc Refillable Dry Erase markers use a sealed internal ink cartridge, which allows the pens to arrive fresh with bold color and low-odor ink. Best of all, there is no refill bottle mess. Regular throw-away markers are made with a porous felt wick and can easily dry out. In fact, not all ink in the traditional wick makes it to the tip. Our sealed ink capsule allows you to use every drop of ink.

Our whiteboard markers are a little different from the standard felt-wick markers which have been around for many years. To start the flow of ink, the marker must be primed. Starting the flow of ink of each pen is pretty quick and easy. Depress the tip of the marker on a solid surface to break the seal of the internal cartridge and shake. Continue to shake and tap. In a few short moments, usually within about 30 seconds, the ink will soak into the pen tip and you're ready to go.

To replace a cartridge with a refill, first be certain the tank is completely empty. These pens last quite a while, so when it appears the ink has run out, just give it a little shake or tap to draw more ink into the nib. Once the ink no longer writes from rejuvenating the ink, unscrew the body of the pen and review the tank, just to be sure ink isn't going to waste. If the tank is empty, remove the old tube, and pop in a new cartridge. Screwing the body back together fully engages the tank. Give the new tank a quick prime and keep on writing or drawing.

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