Be Green With an Eco-Friendlier Choice for Dry Erase Markers

Inspired by teachers and professionals who would be considered a white board master, ReThinc Refillable Dry Erase Markers are an eco-friendlier alternative to traditional dry erase pens. Internal ink cartridges inside these pens give them their advantage over old-school markers. Traditional markers use porous felt wicks which hold on to ink and die down to provide whispers of color as they seem to run out of ink.

Access every drop of ink thanks to sealed ink capsules. These refill ink tanks save money and cut landfill waste by reducing the amount of discarded plastic. The color remains bold without fading out as you use it. It’s low-odor too. Best of all, there is no opportunity to spill using a refill bottle.

Our whiteboard markers are a little different from the standard felt-wick markers which have been around for many years. To start the flow of ink, the marker must be given a quick and easy prime. Depress the tip of the marker on a solid surface to break the seal of the internal cartridge and shake the pen. In a few short moments, usually within about 30 seconds, the ink will soak into the pen tip and you're ready to go.

To replace a cartridge with a refill, first be certain the tank is completely empty. These pens last quite a while, so when it appears the ink has run out, just give it a little shake or tap to draw more ink into the nib. Once the ink no longer writes from rejuvenating the ink, unscrew the body of the pen and review the tank, just to be sure ink isn't going to waste. If the tank is empty, remove the old tube, and pop in a new cartridge. Screwing the body back together fully engages the tank. Give the new tank a quick prime and keep on writing or drawing.

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