Thoughts on Picking a Paint Color for Your Space

Thoughts on Picking a Paint Color for Your Space

November 16, 2017


Selecting Paint to work with Wall Art

I'm sure we can agree that while completing a painting project gives a sense of accomplishment, realizing you've chosen the wrong color can cloud that elation with dread. Before you choose a paint color for your room, you want to keep a few things in mind that can save you from headaches or heartbreak down the road.

Color Harmony Interior Decor
  1. Take into consideration the furnishings you already have. Your walls should be a canvas for the furnishings in your room. Choose a color that works in harmony with, rather than clashes with your current decor. Take samples of your things with you to the store for reference. These samples would be small enough to carry, of course!
  2. Think about the mood you would like the room to convey. Is it bright and cheerful, or dark and restful?
  3. Is there a flow to your space, like an open concept living room / dining room / kitchen?  Consider the flow of the color in the space and try not to make it too compartmentalized. It's an open concept for a reason.
  4. When it's time to choose your color at the paint store, make sure to find a light box or go out in the sunlight. The fluorescent lights used to light most big box retailers will often change the tone of the color, tricking your eyes.  It's best to take the paint chips out of the store and into the daylight.
  5. Don't be afraid to buy a test can of paint in the color youWall Art Color Test choose. Either paint a large swatch on your wall, or if you are concerned about permanency, paint a poster board and place it against the wall. Check to see how it will work with your decor.


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