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Going Green by Writing with Blue, Red, or Black Dry Erase Markers

Going Green by Writing with Blue, Red, or Black Dry Erase Markers

November 16, 2017

Power users of dry erase markers go through a lot of plastic, throwing away MILLIONS of whiteboard pens a year. In an effort to curb the waste, an eco-friendlier alternative would be to use refillable markers. Some of these use refill bottles, which one needs to pour into a pen. It sounds like a great idea, but what busy teacher or board room executive wants to sit there pouring ink into a pen?  It's time consuming and possibly very messy. We decided a better alternative for the time-constrained professional would be to use a refillable marker which uses ink cartridges. For fresh ink, the user just unscrews the marker body and pops in a new ink cartridge.

While we wish a refillable marker would last forever, the nib points do wear down over time. The time it takes to wear down the felt nib depends on how heavy-handed the user is. An average lifespan of a refillable marker is about four tanks of ink. While it's not a perfect, permanent solution to eradicate waste, it does minimize the amount of plastic being thrown away.

The ink cartridge in each ReThinc Refillable Dry Erase Marker goes a long way compared to felt-wicked pens, like Expo Markers. And they write better too, if we do say so ourselves. An Ink tank allows for less wasted ink, making the pens last longer and keeping more plastic out of the trash. If you haven't yet, give them a try.