Round Billiard Ball Art Prints Behind Pool Table

Using Round Canvas Pool Ball Prints to Create a Dimensional Wall Hanging

November 20, 2017

The Break! Pool Ball print set is a little different from other wall decor pieces you can buy. Most sets are already put together for you. This set allows you to create your own layout, including the ability to overlap the pieces for added dimension. Abstractly, the balls have a kinetic look as if they are being broken with the first hit. 

The set comes with spacers, which allow you to layer the balls. As shown in the image, they come with hangers already attached and ready to put the canvases on the wall. We suggest planning the layout of your pool balls on the floor prior to hanging them, so you can set and adjust the placement before making any marks on the wall. The good thing is, round images are never crooked, so there is no need to worry about any of the prints not being level. 

To create a layered layout, hang the first canvas with the pre-attached hook. Attach a spacer block to the wall where you would like overlap the first canvas and hang the overlapping canvas. The image in this post shows just two canvases overlapping, but you can overlap up to four canvases if you wish, using the spacer blocks provided in the set. The images in our store show some sample layouts. This is your design, so be as creative as you wish!