dry erase marker stain removal tips

Remove Permanent Marker from Whiteboards and Clothing

November 16, 2017

ReThinc Quick Tip:  Marker Stains




Have you or your kids ever accidentally grabbed a permanent marker and written on a dry erase board? Never fear, because it is easy enough to wipe away your sins. Simply grab a dry erase marker, like ReThinc Refillable Dry Erase Markers, and get the stained area wet with the dry erase ink. The properties in the dry erase ink will loosen the permanent marker stain and allow you to clean it away. You can also try erasing with a pencil eraser.

An even more egregious accident is getting whiteboard ink or worse yet, permanent marker ink on clothing. Dry erase ink is easier than permanent ink to remove, given the purpose of a permanent marker is that it's permanent.  For this, you will need a couple of clean cloths or paper towels, rubbing alcohol, some hairspray, a bit of dish soap. Put one of the cloths directly under the layer of clothing with the stain. Spray hairspray directly onto the stain and apply rubbing alcohol to a sponge/paper towels/cloth. Dab/press and release the item with alcohol on the stain. Work from the outside-in and do not rub; rubbing causes the stain to set into the fibers. Dabbing will grab the loosened stain and pick it up. For each dab, use a clean portion of the cloth, so the stain does not spread.  Once most of the stain has been picked up, dab some liquid dish soap onto the stain, which acts as a pre-treatment, and put it into the wash. When it comes out, the dry erase stain should be gone and good chance the permanent mark will be too.  As an alternative to rubbing alcohol and hairspray, hand sanitizer also works.