Blue Refillable Dry Erase Markers - Box of 12


Box of 12 Blue ReThinc Refillable Whiteboard Markers

WASTE LESS PLASTIC - Reuse the outer body and replace only the inner ink tanks. An eco-friendlier choice for the power user at school and the office.

LONGER LASTING - Ink capsules provide more usable liquid ink than easily dried-out felt wick markers. Every drop is available. The tanks also preserve the ink from drying out. To access more ink, just give the pen a shake and tap the nib.

ALWAYS PREMIUM BOLD COLOR - Unlike felt wicked markers which fade-out as they are used, internal ink cartridges provide bold color until the ink is all gone. 

FAST NO-MESS REFILLING - Once the ink capsule is completely empty, just unscrew the body, pop in a refill, prime, and go!

LOW-ODOR INK - Rich, beautiful color that you see but do not smell. Ink is also Xylene and 2-Butanone free

ERGONOMIC GRIP- These pens just feel good between your fingers.

All markers are bullet tipped and come with a pre-loaded ink cartridge, ready to have the flow of ink started with a quick prime.

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