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Pool Ball Wall Art Prints - Set of 6 Round Stretched Canvases

This set of 6 individual billiard balls art prints will be right on cue above the pool table in your man cave, home bar, or even behind your desk as art for your office wall art. Each individual hand stretched panel is a different size and ranges from 5 inches to 16 inches. The canvases are not connected to each other, giving you flexibility to design a layout that fits the needs of your space. The modular nature of the canvases is a great solution for home staging professionals and interior designers looking to add a fun pop of color in any size room. 

The set comes with spacer hardware to allow you to "stack" the balls, creating dimension. Each frame comes with a hook pre-attached.

Please note: While the art is painted to show highlights and reflections, the prints are on flat canvases with a matte finish.

Not available in any billiards supply, furniture, or big box store. Limited supply! 

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